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Looking through a lens of inclusion, Pulu was created to embody the diverse and growing movements of life. Coming from a multicultural background, Hawaiian surfer and artist, Kuio Young, sought out an idea that would incorporate and properly express all of his past and present passions without limiting the horizon for new ones. 


Pulu constructively preserves and elevates a multitude of expressive outlets on a modern platform. Inspired by earth, ocean and culture, each of these elements are intertwined into the fabric of the brand. Through it’s diverse mediums, Pulu's mission is to encourage and remind those to find the longevity in their self-proclaimed definitions of “sustainable fun”.  


Pulu is grounded in the central theme of art and creativity. From our hand drawn and locally designed apparel, to our Kauai grown plant nursery, each aspect of Pulu is crafted with meaning and uniqueness in mind. We strive to eliminate conformity from our brand, like our name, “Pulu”, we do not limit ourselves to one definition.    



Our nursery was started in 2019 with two goals in mind, to provide our friends, family, and community with the healthiest plants possible, paired with the knowledge to grow them successfully. What started out as a single table of assorted (mostly salvaged and gifted) plants,  quickly grew to a full service plant nursery in the span of a year. Through countless hours of research, a few horticultural courses, and a whole lot of trial and error in the garden, we learned first hand what it took to successfully grow healthy plants. We take pride in providing people with the healthiest plants possible, as well as the necessary information needed to continue the plants successful growth. All of our plants are given special care daily, hand watered with spring water, and grown organically.


The main attractions at the nursery are our carefully selected varieties of fruit trees. Our collection includes staple fruit trees such as various cultivars of lemon, lime, orange, avocado, and mango. In addition to the classics, we offer a variety of rare and exotic fruit trees, limited runs of seasonal trees, and kauai adapted varieties that we graft / air layer ourselves. All of our fruit trees are sourced from within the state, supporting our local farmers and economy, as well as ensuring that all plants are grown here, not flown here. Each tree is potted in a variety specific soil that we personally make and hand blend at the nursery.  We find that the combination of freshly blended organic nutrients, paired with Kauai’s natural spring water, makes for a healthy tree that speaks for itself. We also stock various ornamental plants, vegetable starters, and succulents at our nursery. Please feel free to contact us to inquire what we currently have in stock, as we do not always post our full stock list to the online store.




Our apparel draws inspiration from Hawaii’s unique culture, natural landscape, and every day island life. These sources of inspiration are infused with elements of pop culture, fashion, and graphic arts to create something fresh and meaningful. Although some may view our designs as simple and straightforward at face value, each individual piece has multiple hidden meanings, layered into the composition of it’s overall design. All of our items are designed on the island of Kauai with much thought and feeling. We source materials sustainably and within the USA whenever possible. Our designs are limited in quantity, but high in quality. We will never print the same item or color-way twice.


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