Who We Are

PULU LLC was started in 2020 with the vision of showcasing Hawaii's natural beauty through our plant nursery and apparel.

Our plant nursery houses a wide variety of plants, including fruit trees, vegetable starters, succulents, ornamental plants and flowers. We also offer customs soils, nutrient blends, and pest control that are all mixed in house. All plants are grown organically.

All of our apparel is designed on Kauai, incorporating various elements from our native landscape and lifestyle.

We also take a few photos along the way to document our journey.





Pulu LLC offers a plethora of plant services, 

including but not limited to:

+Plant sales (fruit trees, vegetable starters, ornamentals, etc)

+Small Plant and/or succulent arrangements

+Standard and Dwarf size fruit trees

+Plant installation

+Routine pruning and fertilization

+Plant specific Soil blends and Nutrient mixes

+Indoor or Outdoor full plant setup and installation

+Supplemental Lighting & installation



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Kuio Young

Cell: (808)393-6290

Email: kuio@pulu.life

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